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Studies show 70% of CBD extract products sold online do not contain actual concentration claimed on label.*

Every MedChoice CBD product batch is tested for correct concentration of ingredients.
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MedChoice CBD Testimonials

  • "I used to buy my CBD oils from another online store. I switched to MedChoiceCBD and saw a huge difference right away. I noticed that the other CBD oil purchased a low price had glycerin and olive oil as ingredients. MedChoiceCBD only has hemp CBD and flavor. I use the 1,000mg and works really well for my anxiety and pain. Thank you!"
  • "MedChoiceCBD sleep support does just that. Since I’ve tried the oral spray, I’ve noticed I fall asleep faster and feel better rested in the morning because I feel like I got deeper sleep. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fruity flavor. I suffer from restless leg syndrome and migraine headache. The CBD drops have helped with the pain and discomfort. I really like the peppermint flavor. Love the products."
  • "I love the MedChoice gummies. I take CBD gummies every day and use the CBD spray stress. Great products."
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